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Landscape foto1What you can learn you will become a specialist in design, arrangement, conservation and recovery of landscape architecture objects and pieces: parks, home gardens, recreational and leisure areas, playgrounds, housing areas, city centre pedestrian zones, bicycle lanes, city squares and yards, sports facilities, monument structures, cemeteries, etc. You will acquire the skills of landscape development to meet the human mental, biological and functional needs. You will become ready to take inventory, to make natural and visual landscape valuation, to evaluate the plant cover, to make a cost-estimation of building and arrangement works, to manage the entities dealing with landscape design or the execution of building structures, conservation and landscape objects and pieces land rehabilitation, and to cooperate with other specialists in land management, environmental and landscape protection. You will acquire the skills how to use computer technology to aid design, documenting landscape facts as well as corporate management skills. You have a chance to learn a foreign language at the B2 fluency level of the European System of the Language Education Description of the European Council, which will let you use specialist vocabulary in landscape architecture.

Landscape foto2Where and what work is there for you having completed the studies, you will be prepared to start your career in landscape architecture planning and design firms, in the companies and firms arranging and conserving landscape architecture objects and pieces, spatial planning firms, landscape parks, government and local government administration. You can launch your own landscape architecture planning and design studio or a firm offering the arrangement and conservation of landscape objects and pieces.

Landscape foto4What you will study at the beginning courses in the humanities, mathematics, descriptive geometry, biology, ecology, history of art, physical education and, finally, the major-oriented courses which will help you acquire knowledge and skills in drawing and sculpture, physiography, geodesy and cartography, soil science, plant cover and fauna, dendrology and ornamental plants, garden design, engineering graphics, landscape recovery, design of landscape architecture objects and pieces, spatial planning and real property management, study of building materials, street furniture installation, construction engineering documentation, arrangement and conservation as well as the enhancement of objects and pieces of landscape architecture. All that will be supplemented by the knowledge of law on the natural environment and landscape as well as economics and corporate management.

Landscape foto3How long you will study the landscape architecture study programme is offered only as a regular 3.5-year BSc course. You will have a chance to receive interesting training at home and/or abroad and part of your studies you can take up in other partner academic centre at home as part of MOSTAR or abroad as part of LLP/ERASMUS.

You can choose some courses yourself – you can choose from a dozen or so courses; you can decide which to take up.

Something practical – much of the course is covered by the practical drawing and sculpture tutorials, project tutorials and tutorials in the field; throughout the studies you will receive training of at least 8 weeks

Detailed information and admission standards for the landscape architecture study programme are available by visiting

Vice Rector keeps monitoring! – the studies schedule and syllabus for the landscape architecture study programme has been approved by the Vice Rector for Teaching and Student Affairs, which means that it meets all the standards and conditions of top quality education

Develop the green areas and  …  your imagination – choose the Faculty of Agriculture and Biotechnology, the study programme landscape architecture

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