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Biotechnology foto1What you can learn – you will be ready to be skilled in technologies and contemporary experimental biology methods and taking up interdisciplinary jobs, involving the cooperation with specialists in other fields. You will acquire profound knowledge of biochemical, molecular and cellular basis of the functioning of organisms, you will learn the skills of experimental work with the use of biological material in biotechnology – from single molecules, through complexes of molecules, macromolecules, to single- and multi-cell organisms. You will learn how to apply basic experimental and laboratory techniques in molecular biology with technical and technological aspects of biotechnology. You will acquire the skill of operating technological equipment and research apparatus for biotechnological processes. You have a chance to learn a foreign language at the B2 fluency level of the European System of the Language Education Description of the European Council. You will acquire specialist foreign language skills in biotechnology. You will be ready to take up the 2nd degree course (MSc).

Biotechnology foto3Where and what kind of work is there for you – having majored in biotechnology, you will be ready to work in biotechnological and related industries and in research laboratories, the control and diagnostic ones, to make basic analyses and research work with the use of biological material, e.g. in laboratories of cultures in vitro. Numerous biotechnology graduates have been successful working in top laboratories throughout the world and quite many have been awarded their PhD degrees.

You are not the first one and surely not the last one - the Faculty of Agriculture and Biotechnology, located in the centre of Bydgoszcz, in Bernardyńska Street, has been offering the major of biotechnology since 1998; some classes are offered in the university buildings in Kordeckiego and Seminaryjna Streets (the city centre) and in Fordon. There have been already 220 graduates in biotechnology.

Biotechnology foto4What you will study – as a warm-up the courses in the humanities, including the including the intellectual property protection, hygiene and safety at work as well as ergonomics and economics and other courses developing your general knowledge. You will be offered 4 foreign language semesters and 2 physical education semesters. You will learn the basics of IT, namely IT techniques, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, managerial and/ or presentation graphics, etc, followed by the major-oriented courses: some mathematics, physics (biophysics), chemistry and, finally, the courses in experimental biology as well as biological and technological aspects of biotechnology.

How long you will study – the major of biotechnology is offered as a 3.5-year regular and 4-year extramural BSc studies. You will have a chance not only to receive interesting training at home and/or abroad but also follow part of the studies at a partner University as part of MOSTAR and abroad by participating in LLP/ERASMUS.

Detailed information and admission standards are available by visiting the faculty website:

You can choose some of the courses yourself - about you can choose about 30% hours beyond the standard yourself depending just on your interests (but also the offer provided by professors of the Faculty).

Something practical -– throughout the studies you will receive training of at least 4 weeks.

State Accreditation Commission keeps monitoring! – the major of biotechnology has been awarded the accreditation by the State Accreditation Commission which guarantees top quality education.

If you love biology, especially experimental research, if you are interested in the potential of biology in the contemporary world, choose the Faculty of Agriculture and Biotechnology, the University of Technology and Life Sciences and the major of biotechnology

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