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Agriculture foto1What you can learn – you will become a specialist in agricultural production technology, especially plant production (to include horticulture and rural landscape planning) and animal production; you will also acquire  practical training to manage your farm compliant with the sustainable development standards. You will study the basic acquire the basic knowledge in biology and chemistry as well as in ecology and economics, production organization and management and the operation of agricultural infrastructure. Especially you will get to know the cause-and-effect relationships in the living and non-living world, with the threat caused by human activity, the knowledge of ecology and environmental science in environmental evaluation, meteorology,  soil types, humus and clayey minerals, physicochemical properties of soils, fertilisers, field and meadow vegetation, cultivation technology designing, sowing ad harvest of the key crops, crop rotation in different agriculture systems, plant protection, animal nutrition and animal breeds, reproduction,  agricultural tools and machinery, key crop storage, material stock taking on the farm, as well as accounting, payment system and developing business plans as well as projects. You will have a chance to enrich your knowledge with the aspects of rural landscape planning. You have a chance to learn a foreign language at the B2 fluency level of the European System of the Language Education Description of the European Council. You will acquire specialist language skills in the field of agriculture.

Agriculture goto2Where and what work is there for you – having completed your studies, you can work in agricultural administration, services and agricultural counselling, government and local government administration connected with agriculture, specialist agricultural farms, purchasing and trading in plant products companies, scientific and research institutions, research and development centres and in counselling centres; you will acquire full qualifications to run horticultural and animal production farms. You will ready to take up rural landscape planning jobs.

Agriculture foto4You are not the first and surely not the last one – the Faculty of Agriculture and Biotechnology, located in the centre of Bydgoszcz, in Bernardyńska Street, has been offering the major of agriculture since 1969; the most recent MSc (BSc) diploma was issued under 6646. Some classes are tutorials are scheduled in Kordeckiego Streets and Seminaryjna Street (the city centre) and in Fordon.

What you will study – as a warm-up courses in the humanities, including the intellectual property protection, hygiene and safety at work, ergonomics and engineering graphics. You will be offered 4 foreign language semesters and 2 physical education semesters. You will study courses in the humanities to choose from ethics, contemporary international relations, sociology. You will learn the basics of IT: basic IT technics, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, managerial graphics and/or presentation graphics etc., followed by the agriculture-oriented courses, including botany and genetics, chemistry and biochemistry, plant physiology and microbiology, economics and mathematical statistics and, finally, the major-specific courses in agroecology, agrometeorology and environmental protection, rural landscape planning, soil science and agricultural chemistry, plant breeding and seed production, plant production, plant protection, animal production, agricultural technics as well as agriculture organization and economics.

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